Women's Marathon Cup

Heads up, ladies!

We have thought of something very special for you this year - the Women's Marathon Cup!

If you take part in all the women's marathons (Basel Women's Marathon, Bodensee Women's Marathon and Winterthurer Women's Marathon), then the Women's Marathon Cup will interest you. After the Winterthur marathon, the three times will be compiled for each woman and then divided by the number of marathons.

The first three women of the 5 km women's marathon and the first three of the 10 km marathon will be awarded on 24.6.2018 at the Winterthur Women's Marathon.

The calculation is only applicable if the same distance is run for all the marathons, meaning either 5 km OR 10 km.


You run 5 km at the Basel Women's Marathon in 37 minutes. For the Bodensee Women's Marathon you will then need only 36 minutes for the same distance and 35 minutes in Winterthur. In all, you will be running for 108 minutes.

Average value: 108 : 3 = 36 minutes

Save the dates:

May 06, 2018 - Basel Women's Marathon

June 02, 2018 - Bodensee Women's Marathon

June 24, 2018 - Winterthur Women's Marathon